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Meditation for Healing

Center your energies and give yourself some much needed healing time with this 27-minute Yoga Nidra meditation conducted by Lauren Walker. By quieting your nervous system you allow yourself to rest and rejuvenate. Suitable for people of all ages and health conditions.
Yoga Nidra, defined as "yogic sleep", is a form of guided meditation that promotes deep relaxation, enabling you to rest in a state between consciousness and sleep.  It is conducive to deep emotional and physical healing, self-exploration and a rewiring of the subconscious mind to release habits and limiting beliefs.  Practitioners around the world employ this method to help relieve stress, anxiety, PTSD, insomnia and even addiction.  It is a valuable tool, convenient and accessible to everyone.  

All the guided meditations sold on our store are downloads you can save on your device and listen to at your convenience.

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Yoga Nidra with Lauren Walker - "Heal"
27 mins