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Essential EMYoga Practice

Practice Overview

Learn how to wake-up, activate and organize the body’s energies to amplify the healing benefits of a yoga practice without having to devote extra time to it.  

Lauren Walker, the creator of Energy Medicine Yoga, will personally guide you through this fundamental 60-minute practice designed to work with 9 different subtle energy systems of the body.  You will learn to tap into your body's innate wisdom and healing powers, and bring yourself back into balance both physically and emotionally.  

Who will benefit from this practice?
Beginner and advanced yogis alike who have a solid foundation and understanding of the basic alignment principles of classic yoga postures, as these instructions are not given for each of the poses.

What's included?

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What is Energy Medicine Yoga?
3 mins
The Essential EMYoga Practice
Introduction - Please read first
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EMYoga Essential Practice
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