The Ultimate Manifestation Course

The Ultimate Manifestation Course

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Freedom From Stress and Trauma

Freedom From Stress and Trauma: 4 Week EMYoga Series

Foundational EMYoga Practices

Five Element Flow Video & Guide

In this short video and PDF guide, you will learn one of the key EMYoga practices for emotional balance. 
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Essential EMYoga Practice

This is our 60-minute Essential EMYoga Practice, your complete sequence for optimal balance, energy and well-being!
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EMYoga Wake Up Video

Awaken the body and get all its energies moving in the right direction with this daily EMYoga routine.
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EMYoga Wake Up Sheet

A PDF of the EMYoga Wake Up to easily view the four techniques that encompass this daily routine.  An easy way to wake up your energy!
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EMYoga Wake Up Bundle

The EMYoga Wake Up Video and EMYoga Wake Up Sheet together!  Awaken the body and get your energy moving with this daily practice.
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30 Minute Essential EMYoga Practice

This 30-minute EMYoga Practice is considered your Essential Practice to align, balance, and smooth all of your energy systems. 
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Meditations with Lauren Walker

Meditation for Relaxation

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Meditation for Healing

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Meditation for Balance

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Meditation Collection

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Prenatal Practices

Prenatal Standing Practice

In this 30-minute practice, you will focus on standing EMYoga poses and techniques to support your pregnancy. Included in bundle! 
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Prenatal EMYoga Bundle

In this bundle, you will be guided through a standing practice, a mat practice, and a breath-work routine to support your pregnancy.
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Prenatal Breathing Practice

In this 7-minute video, learn the primary breathing techniques to support your pregnancy. Included in bundle!
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Introduction to Prenatal Series

Lauren will introduce you to our prenatal series and cover important points to avoid. View class on its own or it is included in the bundle.
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Prenatal Mat Practice

This 45-minute mat practice will teach you the foundational EMYoga poses and techniques to support your pregnancy. Included in bundle!
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Ageless Practices

Ageless Practices for Longevity Bundle

Bundle includes a lecture, mat practice, chair practice, and balancing practice for longevity and vitality to support aging gracefully.
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Ageless EMYoga Mat Practice

A full mat practice to teach you the key EMYoga practices and techniques to support longevity.  Included in the Ageless Bundle!
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Ageless with EMYoga Lecture

In this lecture, Lauren will teach the pillars of pro-aging and longevity in EMYoga.  Included in Ageless Bundle!
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Ageless EMYoga Chair Practice

A seated chair practice to create an accessible and easy to follow practice at any level. This class is included in the Ageless Bundle.
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Ageless EMYoga Balancing Practice

A balancing practice to build spinal strength with standing postures and EMYoga techniques to support aging gracefully. Included in bundle!
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Teacher Training

Energy Medicine Yoga Online Foundations Teacher Training

Foundations Teacher Training is an 8 week course for yoga instructors who want to teach EMYoga basic theories and elements in their classes.

EMYoga for Teens

Energy Medicine Yoga for Teens

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